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to BE


you just have to

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Journey         Joy

Are you ready to begin the Journey to Joy? If you think that it may be time for you to take just one step forward, let's look into the possibilities.

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​Dawn is an incredible guide and was able to help lead me to see so many of my strengths and abilities I had around food, body, and overall self. I feel healthier, happier, and ready to take on the future with a new set of tools and a better mindset.

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This program operates under the belief that habits, and thoughts, are not changed overnight. 

Growth must have accountability to truly flourish. Dawn will be there, each step of the way-checking in and offering a helping hand. She will not allow you to give up on yourself.

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Dawn walked me through this process so beautifully and lovingly that it didn’t feel like I was being coached at all it felt more like I was just being guided patiently through a process. That taught me how to love myself and take care of myself.

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Dawn is amazing! I am more aware of putting my life in perspective and structuring my goals in a way that I never thought of on my own. I now focus on the things that matter to me and about how that I can achieve them. The sessions have made me align my thoughts to accomplish whatever I want to accomplish.


About Dawn

Dawn Jenyce is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Life Coach. She has a Master of Arts in Organizational Management and has been a competitor in “Figure” bodybuilding. She has had a successful career in high-level sales and raised two young men. She is driven.

Driven leaders are doers! It’s what we are taught and then programmed to be.


We push ourselves to the limit, become overworked and then burn out. What comes next is a feeling of being stuck, procrastination, extra weight, low energy, doubt, guilt, resentment and lack of joy.


Are you ready to find joy again?


Dawn Jenyce has created a roadmap to joy!


She walks with you down the path beginning at this point, here and now.


While you navigate and become centered you will discover your unique brilliance and build on that to its full potential.


This journey ignites clarity, organization, and creativity. Sustainable habit change resulting from this program brings you to a high level of revelation and evolution in your life.


Why walk this journey to joy?…because you have more to BE

Be stronger than your excuses.

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