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The Journey to Joy Roadmap

This program takes you through sustainable habit change while you discover motivating factors in your life and how to manage your sleep schedule, stress level, eating habits, and movement. We help you discover what wants to be nourished in your body and life while pinpointing your personal power and acknowledging success.

What to Expect

12 weekly 45 minute virtual meetings with Dawn Jenyce.

Built in Tools

Simple action step workbooks to keep you going all week.

Additional Support

-Voxer Private Access to Dawn Jenyce during weekdays.
-Community of like-minded individuals on Voxer and Facebook Private Group

-Exclusive program website with continually new videos, interviews with experts, and resources to support your journey.

Book your Breakthrough Session today and we will chat for up to 90 minutes and discover if we are a fit to walk this journey together.

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