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Are you eating what's eating you?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

I had an amazing journey the past few weeks!

I have been suffering from chronic congestion. It has been going on for about 9 months and I have gone to a regular clinic twice during this time and was prescribed antibiotics. It didn't cure the problem.

I then went on a strict 30 day diet consuming healthy vegan shakes twice a day and a light lunch in the middle of each day. Still, my sleep was interrupted and the problem did not subside. AND, I wasn't taking off any extra weight! Something was so wrong!

A good friend of mine referred me to a wellness clinic. I was instantly impressed with this clinic as it impressed me as very non-threatening, warm, and friendly. The energy felt very light and I was greeted with enthusiasm and an eagerness to get to know me. What a difference from traditional clinics!

There was virtually no waiting to be called and I was offered a nice bottle of water before I walked into the room where the interview took place. Thats exactly what it was, an in-depth interview of my lifestyle, my health, and my state of mind. I voiced the concerns that I had and it was all noted. The wellness professional recommended a few supplements immediately and an instantaneous change in one of my long-term medications (hormones). She called in the prescription for me on the spot. She also recommended a blood test that would leave no question on what was happening inside my body and systems. She then called in another wellness professional and he also did an in-depth interview regarding my diet. He told me that he was 90% sure that the problem was food related! He suggested a blood test for food sensitivities. It cost some money, but I agreed to have blood drawn to test for this. This was my first visit. I also was given an app to log my daily food, water, activity, and sleep. I have been logging very obediently.

My next visit was two weeks later, still no weight lost on this very strict diet that I was on (and had my husband on). The blood test showed many food sensitivities, and these foods were not what I would typically think could cause a problem! Some examples of these foods are watermelon and cantaloupe, blueberries and raspberries, peaches, pumpkin, spinach, green olives (including olive oil), sesame, white potatoes, and of course, wheat and gluten. Dairy did not show up but I was told that I was supposed to give it up forever for many reasons. There were quite a few more foods listed, but those are the foods on the top of my mind.

Now, this strict diet that I was on includes shakes and powdered supplements and drinks. The next morning I went through the entire list of products that I had been consuming and highlighted every single ingredient in the products that were on my list and I found that most of the products that I had been putting in my body for a very long time were off-limits now. What?! These products did good things for me a few years ago, why are they causing inflammation now?

Could I have over-used the products? Are they so concentrated in powder form that if used for too long they cause inflammation and all kinds of issues such as arthritis, intestinal issues, congestion, sleep loss, memory loss, aging of the skin, and fatigue? Are the "healthy" foods that I was eating, eating me?

It has been five days since I started cutting out food, skin care, and supplements that have the ingredients of the foods on this list. I have lost 3 pounds, and I eat a lot! I now read every label and check the ingredients on anything that touches my body. The congestion has subsided slightly. I am getting more sleep, uninterrupted. My memory is slightly improving. This is fascinating!

Stay tuned...

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