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Eat your favorite foods!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Balance! We can continue to have our loved foods and still get healthier and stronger and look better every day! I am sure that you are asking, "How is that possible?"

Food and the body work together to create chemistry. Once we know how our specific body and the fuel that we put in it work, we can figure out where and when to insert certain food.

What are your favorite foods? Be honest! Write down a list and don't hold back!

Now, write down a typical day's list of what you consume. Write down the time that you do it and how much of what you eat and drink. Its easier to do this as you consume it so just find a way to remember to write it down on your phone or on a list that you are carrying with you at all times during the day. If you can do this for a week, that is incredible and the most helpful!

OK, one more thing to you exercise and/or do physical work like gardening, walking or lifting often? Add any physical exercise that your body gets during your typical week.

Next, submit your list to me and I will send you a free analysis and sample menu including your favorite foods! What have you got to lose? No judgement here! :D

This is one of my guilty pleasures! Pumpkin pie, yummm!

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