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Hi! I'm Dawn Jenyce.

I am a certified health and life coach.  I work with driven leaders who may be overwhelmed in regards what to eat for their unique body, or struggling with getting the optimal amount of sleep to sustain enough energy and stamina throughout their busy lives.

My Journey to Joy program will provide the right system, the right support, and the right accountability to create sustainable good habits so that you can level up in your career, family life, and health.

Why hire a coach?... Because you have more to BE!


Life and health coach: Passionate about helping you build your legacy and live your best life ...

... because you have more to BE.

Compass Pointing North

I'm here to help you find clarity, get organized and create more joy in your life.

My Qualifications:

MA in Organizational Management

Certified Health Coach

Certified Life Coach

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my story

As a young child, I was able to thrive academically and experienced very little fear or sadness. But as life went on, my environment brought guilt, unwarranted shame, stifled communication, and limiting beliefs. 


In my late 40s, I became aware that I was feeling unfulfilled and unable to experience true joy and authenticity because of those burdens.


I made a change, it was a slow, sustainable change. 


I hired coaches, did research, and surrounded myself with mentors and like-minded people.


I discovered the real me, the me that had been afraid to be authentic because of fear. The true Dawn Jenyce, that little girl who was thriving, was still in me! 


Life now offers me hope and joy. I'm now more able to communicate with others, rather than avoiding speaking the truth about my feelings and needs. I am once again enjoying life with the curiosity and excitement of a young child.


Through this journey, I’ve discovered how each of us suffers from our fears, specifically of judgment (whether of ourselves or others). The key is in discovering how to recognize it for what it is and move through it toward healing and alignment. It is with this alignment that we’re able to accomplish all that we set out to. 



My passion is steering driven leaders toward their own path to achieve clarity, find optimal nourishment to perform at a higher level, and create momentum to level-up in their lives.


let's work together



A 12 Week Program for results-driven, committed, action-takers.


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